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  • 05  Bedarfsartikel und Verbrauchsartikel
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Einwegartikel für das Labor

  • 05  Bedarfsartikel und Verbrauchsartikel
  • 05.07  Einwegartikel
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Sonstige Einwegartikel

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Produktkategorie: Einwegartikel für das Krankenhaus

ECG electrodes

Pirrone srl offers a wide assortment of ECG disposable electrodes manufactured according to EEC directive 93/42 and ANSI/AAMI performance specifications

Eurotrode pregelled single use electrodes are specific for any ECG monitoring procedures such as short, medium, long and stress test; available also for RMN and X-RAY procedures

Eurotrode are easy to apply and remove, latex free, not irritating, manufactured with highly conductive and hypoallergenic gel, both solid and liquid, and with strong but skin-friendly adhesive.

Eurotrode is available in adult, pediatric and neonatal, in different sizes, round, oval and rectangular shape and manufactured with different materials such as foam, TNT, and micropore hypoallergic and non-irritating materials

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Produktkategorie: Einwegartikel für das Krankenhaus, Einwegartikel für das Labor

Medical recording charts

Our medical recording charts line covers a wide range of products for any kind of recording instrument used in the medical, diagnostic field, and laboratory analysis.

In order to face the request of very dynamic market, for which flexibility, quality and on time deliveries is the main concern, Pirrone srl created a wide assortment of recording charts available from stock.

Different sizes either in rolls and fanfolds for Electrocadiography, intensive monitoring, stress test system

Different sizes either in rolls and fanfolds for cardiotocography, foetal and gynaecological monitoring

Fanfols rolls and sheets for electrophoresis and any need for laboratory analysis

Pirrone srl can also manufacture any kind of special chart on specific request

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Produktkategorie: Einwegartikel für das Krankenhaus

ECOULTRAGEL for Ultrasound

The conductor gel ECOULTRAGEL is particularly studied and recommended for any  diagnosis and therapy where the ultrasound transmission is needed.
  • perfect acoustic transmission
  • completely water soluble
  • salt free,  to avoid damages on the probe
  • not irritating
  • not-greasy
  • latex free
  • Certified Not Cytotoxicity, tested and issued by primary Italian University Laboratory
  • Class I device
ECOULTRAGEL is available in the following packaging, also in transparent color:
  • 250 gr (boxes of 56 bottlles)
  • 1 Kg  (boxes of 20 bottles)
  • 5 Lt ( 4 cubitainer in single box + 4 empty bottles+ pouring spouts)

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Produktkategorie: Einwegartikel für das Krankenhaus

Electrosurgical Plates

Safety in Electrosurgery

Pre-gelled Electrosurgical Grounding Plates

An innovative GEL together with a low impedance and a good foam flexibility grant very good results and an excellent operating security

General features:

Europlates can be supplied with or without disposable cable incorporated.
Please specify the connector required (refer to the connectors list here enclosed)

Europlates are manufactured in compliance with Standard Regulations ANSI/AAMI HF 18:2001 and IEC 60601-2:2006

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Produktkategorie: Einwegartikel für das Krankenhaus


Compatible sensors for all types of pulse oximeter
Sensors, adapters and extensions of the same quality and comfort as those of leading manufacturers

Reusable SpO2 finger sensor
The finger sensor is designed for multiple uses and adapts to a wide type of patient(adult and pediatric).

Disposable Finger Sensor
This adhesive sensor, manufactured in micro foam, is available in 4 sizes: adult, pediatric,neonatal and child.

Flexible sensors
Soft sensors are designed for multiple uses for either ponctual measures or in the case of continuous monitoring. Two sizes are available. Sensors for obese children and sensors for children aged two years and more.

Ear Sensors
The ear sensor is designed for patients with low blood circulation and when the use of finger sensors is not possible. It is specially indicated in tests where the patient will have to move.

Sensor SpO2 in Y
This reusable sensor with two flexible arms is studied for a very wide range of applications.

Adapters and extensions
Our adapters and our extensions allow greater flexibility in the use of your poulse oximeter.

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Über uns


Since 1936, Pirrone srl is specialized in producing quality precision charts in medical, industrial, special technical charts and tickets for parking , gaming such as horse racing and sports lottery games and theatres.

With more than 75 years of experience,  Pirrone srl became the major supplier of many industrial and medical OEM’s and distributors, exporting to over 75 countries worldwide.

Three are the main divisions of Pirrone srl:

which offers a wide range of medical charts and accessories for Cardiology, Laboratories, Neurology, Delivery, Endoscopy and Ultrasound equipments.

such as parking tickets, horse racing tickets, sports lottery games, slot machines tickets and entertainment tickets.

with its wide range of products from industrial charts in rolls, sheets, fanfolds and circular recording charts for the most popular recorders, up to industrial pens.

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