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  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
  • 01.04  Therapie und Physikalische Medizin
  • 01.04.03  Kardiotherapiegeräte

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte

Reanibex 800

Multiparameter monitor defibrillator

The REANIBEX 800 is a high performance multiparameter monitor defibrillator designed for Advanced Live Support, with the possibility of two-battery operation. Integrates Masimo Rainbow SET technology with the possibility of monitoring methemoglobin and carboxihemoglobin.

Designed as modular easily upgradeable equipment that allows incorporating new features at any time by the "plug & play" built-in modules.

Monitors up 12 lead ECG with the possibility of patient information transmission to a PDA or to a remote computer, or of information printing in a recorder up to 106 mm wide paper. The equipment has the option of 12-Lead Interpretive Algorithm from the University of Glasgow, and in AED mode an accurate algorithm for adult and pediatric patients.

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte

Reanibex 700

Defibrillator Monitor

The REANIBEX 700 is a portable defibrillator monitor that performs ECG monitoring and non-invasive pacing, developed for both pre-hospital and in-hospital emergencies.

Equipped with a large screen to clearly display the patient information, as well as a printer for printing the monitored information.

The different available options (AED, Non Invasive Pacing, Pulse oximetry, Electroluminescent screen) allow the equipment to be adapted and configured according to the user needs.

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte

Reanibex 500

Manual Monitor Defibrillator with AED

The REANIBEX 500 is a compact, robust and intuitive Monitor Defibrillator designed for the Emergency Services.

It is able to monitor the ECG signal, defibrillate and to provide a pacemaker therapy in a unique portable and light device, and incorporates all the necessary characteristics for being used in emergency situations.

This device incluyes a high colour screen for monitoring the ECG signal and optionally the SpO2 waveform.

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte

Reanibex 300

AED/Manual Defibrillator
The REANIBEX 300 is an Automated External defibrillator with manual override mode option.

It is able to monitor the ECG signal and defibrillate in a unique portable device, and incorporates all the necessary characteristics for being used in emergency situations.

This device includes a high colour screen in which the different parameters can be visualised as well as the indications for the correct use of the equipment. Provided with CPR assistance with feed-back to perform an efficient CPR.

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Produktkategorie: Kardiotherapiegeräte

Reanibex 200

Automated External Defibrillator

The REANIBEX 200 is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), portable and lightweight ideal for rapid provision of the first treatment to patients suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

Made with the latest technologies in the field of defibrillation (biphasic waveform), incorporates a screen that allows not only the visualization of the user guidance messages but also of the ECG signal in real time.

Very easy to use has only two operation buttons. The REANIBEX 200 gives simple, clear and detailed audio and visual instructions to guide the user through the entire procedure of resuscitation, which makes its use requires minimal training.

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Bexen Cardio is a trademark which develops latest generation technologies and devices for critical cardiorespiratory situations.
A trademark with more than 30 years’ specialization in the cardiology field offering robust, ergonomic and user friendly defibrillators.

Solutions for all situations and user profile: doctors, healthcare workers, trained personnel and the general public.

High tecnology for people livesaving.

As Bexen Cardio is concerned with health and wellbeing, is constantly seeking to improve its products providing value from a practical viewpoint. Its mission is to facilitate the user’s work developing widely available and practical solutions, products and services. User friendly devices and intuitive design have priority, providing an immediate response in the application of the

Bexen Cardio has technological innovation as the key vector in their developments together with the support of a wide network of knowledge comprising: Universities, Technological Centres and Hospitals whereby they systematically incorporate the latest and most appropriate technologies for each new situation.

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