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Produktkategorie: Mikroskope für das Labor

M8 – Microscope and Scanner

The M8 is an all-in-one device that offers completely
new possibilities for your microscopy workflow. The M8 is equipped with
three different modes - Live, Instant Scan, and Slide Scan.
With these three modes combined, the M8 serves both as
a microscope and a scanner. It allows you to directly work
on your sample, perform various analyses, and to scan your
slides for documentation and future viewing. With its live
remote control capability, the M8 can also be controlled
from all over the world. Thanks to its entirely automated
hardware, you can work on a sample from anywhere, just as
if you were right next to the device.

Let your work get faster, easier, and smarter with the M8
Microscope and Scanner.

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Produktkategorie: Mikroskope für das Labor

O8 – Oil Microscope and Scanner

Whole Slide Scanning
Scan whole slides and selected regions of interest with
objectives ranging from 20x to 100x in oil or air.

Benefits of whole slide scanning

  • Connect different sites and locations with digital images
  • Create networked and centralized support and service
  • Work with and share same slides to your audience
  • Decrease turnaround times
  • Save shipping costs
  • Enhance and promote quality through standardization

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Über uns


Digital Microscopy

We offer complete solutions for digitizing labs. We accompany our customers throughout the entire digitization process.

The core technology of our company is the PreciPoint M8 – Microscope and Scanner. This All-in-one device handles a wide range of applications in research from digital pathology, histology to orthopedics, anatomy and many more. It also serves as the scanning unit in our high-throughput Slide Scanners.

Our Solutions are made in Germany and sold all over the world. Since 1982, we have made more than 15,000 installations of microscopy and micro-positioning hardware and software.

Let’s digitize and accelerate your workflow together.

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