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Piston HFO/IMV Ventilator for Neonates and Infants

Our technology allows us to control piston movements at 13 micronslevel (a human hair is as big as 100 microns in diameter)
Humming Vue allows fine setting of stroke volume with a resolution as small as 0.2ml, an extremely powerful tool to manage the amplitude when treating very small babies.

Humming Vue is a high value, full-featured, flexible pediatric HFO ventilator.
As previous Metran models, Humming Vue is also volume generator device.
The parameter used is called Stroke Volume
A volume (SV) is supplied to produced the amplitude pressure (ΔP).
No matter what the compliance may change, a fixed SV is supplied.

In our endless quest for perfection Humming Vue piston technology has reached the top of the mountain, allowing guaranteeing that the volume delivered in every stroke is exactly according to the setting. No matter what the respiratory conditions may be, Humming Vue piston stroke volume is guaranteed.

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Produktkategorie: Beatmungsgeräte

HFO/IMV Neonate/Infant Ventilator Humming X

Pediatric HFOV
A revolutionary piston unit provides HFO up to 160 ml stroke volume and frequency for management of premature to pediatric patients.

Quiet operation
The unique piston unit has lower noise than conventional units. Humming X is powerful but with the same quiet operation as Metran’s previous models.

High visibility touchscreen
A high visibility color touchscreen provides easy operation and easy setting changes.
The ventilator can be operated by touchscreen or panel knobs.

Safer PTV
Monitoring of the patient data is a key tool for lung protection. Humming X provides patient triggered ventilation (PTV) through a proximal flow sensor and patient data monitoring. The ventilator automatically switches to flow assistance if the proximal flow sensor gets dirty or disconnected. This separate flow method increases safety.

FiO2 controlled gas can be provided by Jackson-Rees circuit or manual bagging by connecting them to the bagging port.

Chest movement sensors for HFO
The HFO oscillation can be monitored with 3 chest motion sensors for accurate measurement of HFO ventilation.

From intubation to weaning
With HFO, SIMV, CPAP and N-CPAP modes, Humming X provides complete respiratory care in one ventilator.

Battery backup
The ventilator automatically switches to battery power in the event of a blackout or power loss.

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Produktkategorie: Beatmungsgeräte

Rotary HFO/IMV ventilator - For Infants and Adults

High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) Ventilation permits sufficient and sustained exchange of gas via ventilation of which the stroke volume (tidal volume) is smaller than the volume of anatomical dead space.
HFOV technology has long been established in neonatal field and the following merits are well admitted.

Smaller pressure fluctuation within the thoracic cavity reduces the danger of tracheobronchial injury.
Smaller pressure fluctuation in the alveoli gives less variation of blood pressure and intracranial pressure.

Rotary HFOV
Newly developed rotary valve alternates air way to the membrane chamber between delivery side (push-in) and suction side (pull-out) of the blower in intervals corresponding to the Hz setting and thus generates powerful oscillation of the circuit pressure.

Easy HFO Setting
The actual pressure amplitude is shown in an indicator window that enables easy setting of the stroke volume. Stroke volume values are an index of tidal volume (Vt). Since Vt varies with the oscillation cycle (Hz), the stroke volume indicator changes automatically when the Hz setting is changed. Mean airway pressure (MAP) is controlled independent of the Hz and stroke volume.

Not only HFOV but also many IMV modes, full support to weaning, are available
By selecting not only HFOV but also various IMV modes (PCV, VCV, PSV, CPAP), the R100 can smoothly cope with changes in condition of the patient. Flow trigger and pressure trigger are selectable. By setting the proper trigger levels, the R100 can quickly respond to and support various levels of breathing effort of the patient.

Three modes, one touch selection
Ventilatory modes can be changed merely by turning the selector switch.

Manual sigh functionality
A manual sigh can be applied by pressing the “Manual Sigh” button. Manual sigh gives one breath in IMV. In HFOV, sustained inflation is performed during the time the “Manual Sigh” button is being pressed.

High performance ventilation is realized by newly developed high performance valves
Newly developed valves realized quick and accurate flow control required for high performance IMV. Due to such high performance valves together with excellent electrical hardware and software, the R100 can quickly detect and respond to respiratory requests of patients.

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Piston HFO/IMV ventilator for Neonate and Infant

Newly-evolved HFO
Enhanced MAP (mean airway pressure) now configurable up to 40cmH2O
For a better respiratory care management, stroke volume is now adjustable in units of 0.2mL
Frequency is now adjustable between 5 to 17Hz for more accurate control

Piston HFO
Pressure oscillation generated by reciprocal movement of Calliopeα piston makes pressure wave sinusoidal, applying less strain on patient’s lungs.
Push-pull piston-type HFO reduces the likelihood of air trapping since inspiratory and expiratory volumes are identical (I:E ratio=1:1)
Horizontal magnet-joint design allows enhanced reduction of the noise and offers quiet operation and also improves serviceability.
Simple piston removal provides easy and convenient cleaning and sterilization

Accurate HFO settings
Stroke volume is now adjustable in 0.2mL units to make more precise the amplitude management.
PaO2 and PCO2 are independently controlled by mean airway pressure (MAP) and stroke volume respectively.
Reliable HFOV management can be performed by just three settings: Stroke volume, MAP and Frequency

Manual SIGH (Lung recruitment manoeuvre)
Sigh pressure for shorter and safer lung recruitment.
Sigh pressure is independently adjusted from the operating MAP and other settings, and is activated by just holding pressed the “Manual Breath” button.
Frequency is now available from 5 to 17 Hz and Sigh pressure can be adjusted independently from MAP setting.

PCV & PSV Features
Pressure control ventilation (PCV) in IMV mode is supported by pressure support ventilation (PSV) during patient’s spontaneous breathing.
Synchronization to patient’s spontaneous breathing reduces respiratory muscular stress, not only for assisted ventilation purpose but also for weaning support of the patients.

Original inspiratory and expiratory valves
Metran’s original Inspiratory and Expiratory valves offer high-speed and accurate flow control required in PSV, providing instant response for patient’s spontaneous breathing, and allowing smooth switch-over between inspiration and expiration cycles.

Three modes, one touch selection
Ventilation modes can be easily changed by just turning “one” single knob.

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Since our inception as a pioneer of High Frequency Oscillatory (HFO) ventilation for premature neonates in 1984, our company has been at the forefront of ventilatory technology by developing new and unique products that meet the various clinical needs of customers worldwide. As a company focused on research and development, for over 30 years we have succeeded in developing easy-to-use products with very sophisticated functions using unique technology all developed in-house. Our focus has always been to use the very best of Japanese technology and quality to deliver products that people can trust.

As the very first company that successfully commercialized High Frequency Oscillatory ventilators, it is with extreme delight when we learn that our products have helped save the lives of thousands of premature babies or patients recovering from life-threatening situations. We hope to continue to put the needs of children, their parents and loved ones first and to continue to deliver these products throughout the world.

Kazufuku Nitta (Tran Ngoc Phuc), Founder and Group Chairman
Shinichi Nakane, President

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