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  • 01  Elektromedizin / Medizintechnik
  • 01.10  Hygiene, Sterilisation, Desinfektion
  • 01.10.08  Ultraviolett-Entkeimungsgeräte, Ultraviolett-Entkeimungsanlagen

Ultraviolett-Entkeimungsgeräte, Ultraviolett-Entkeimungsanlagen

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Produktkategorie: Ultraviolett-Entkeimungsgeräte, Ultraviolett-Entkeimungsanlagen

UV-C High Level Disinfection (HLD)

The 4th and last High-Level Disinfection Method

Using the latest technology that replaces chemistry by photons, Antigermix® and Hypernova® enable ultra-fast and simple HLD of ultrasound probes. These breakthrough innovations very advantageously replace chemical soaking, multi-wipe systems, semi-automatic systems using hydrogen peroxide.

Three models are available today: Hypernova Chronos® and Antigermix S1® dedicated to external ultrasound and vaginal-rectal ultrasound probes and Antigermix E1® dedicated to trans-esophageal ultrasound (ETO) probes.

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Germitec® was founded in 2005 and sought to offer a radical solution to healthcare professionals who were experiencing considerable difficulty in effectively disinfecting their ultrasound probes.

We have developed the Antigermix® which replaces chemistry with photons and thus represents a technological breakthrough. Antigermix® is the 4th and last method of High-Level Disinfection of medical devices, intended to replace previous generations: chemical soaking, systems using multiple wipes, and semi-automatic systems using hydrogen peroxide.

Germitec® has been recognized as an innovative company by the French Public Investment Bank. In 2019, Germitec® launched the Hypernova Chronos® that replaces Antigermix®.

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