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  • 03  Diagnostika
  • 03.02  Immunochemie / Immunologie
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Produktkategorie: Immun-Assay-Systeme


Specific IgE REAST (Reversed Enzyme Allergo Sorbent Test) for the quantitative determination of specific IgE in human serum or plasma with biotinylated allergens. The results add to the diagnosis of type I allergies.

The worldwide frequency of allergies has increased significantly over the past decades. The term allergy is often used for type I hypersensitivity reactions (immediate type reactions), whose symptoms generally occur within 30-60 min after contact with the allergen. The most frequent symptoms are: hay fever (rhinitis), conjunctivitis, hives (urticaria), allergic asthma and as the most dangerous manifestation anaphylaxis (the anaphylactic shock).
The allergens causing type I hypersensitivity reactions are mostly proteins derived from the natural environment e.g. plant pollen, animal hair, food, mites and insect venoms.
The characteristics of type I allergies is the involvement of allergen specific immunoglobulins (antibodies) of class E (sIgE). Hence, the detection of sIgE is an important tool of modern allergy diagnostics.

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Produktkategorie: Immun-Assay-Systeme

Molecular Allergy Diagnostics

Recombinant or native Allergens in Type I Allergy Diagnostics

For the measurement of specific IgE in Type I Allergy Diagnostics allergen extracts that contain relevant major and minor allergens as well as non-allergenic components are used. These extracts are suitable for a first screening of patients and are now complemented by recombinant or highly purified native allergens.
Molecular allergy diagnostics allows to detect the allergen sensitization of a patient on a molecular level. Therefor native, highly purified and recombinant allergens are used instead of whole allergen extracts.

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Produktkategorie: Diagnose-Schnelltests

ALFA (Allergy Lateral Flow Assay)

Allergy Lateral Flow Assay for the qualitative determination of allergen specific IgE in human serum, plasma or whole blood.

ALFA is a screening test, which enables the user to perform an allergy test very fast and reliable. By choosing appropriate allergen solutions a symptom based diagnosis is possible. A large palette of single allergens and allergen mixtures are available, as well as recombinant and native, highly purified allergen components. Test results are available in 20 minutes . With the LFA Reader a quantiative evaluation and documenation in Units (U/mL) and classes, analog to the RAST classes, is possible. 

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Produktkategorie: Immun-Assay-Systeme

Tryptase - ELISA

ELISA for the quantitative determination of total Tryptase in human Serum.

The total Tryptase level in human blood indicates the number and activity of mast cells. In healthy individuals the Tryptase baseline levels have been determined between 1-15 µg/L. Total Tryptase can be differentiated in two isoforms of α-Tryptase and three isoforms of ß-Tryptase. In contrast to ß-Tryptase, which is stored in the granula of mast cells until mast cell degranulation, the α-Tryptase is released continuously from the mast cells. A transient increase in the level of Tryptase can be an indicator for allergic reactions. A persistent elevated baseline level of Tryptase indicates an increased number of activated mast cells and is linked with the disease of mastocytosis.

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Produktkategorie: Immun-Assay-Systeme


Artificial human sera (ARTHUS) for the standardization of in-vitro Allergy Diagnostic
For the development, production, evaluation, standardization and quality control of allergy in-vitro test systems, the availability of well-defined quality controls (positive sera) is required. However the availability of human control sera for different allergens is limited. Human control sera from commercial serum banks (often se-rum pools) are partly associated with variable quality and mostly with high costs.
Another challenge is the fact that allergen extracts in allergen-specific IgE assays may differ because of variations in the allergen source material, manufacturing process, storage conditions and acceptance criteria. The use of artificial human sera provides a step towards standardization of systems for the allergy in-vitro diagnostic.

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Produktkategorie: Diagnose-Schnelltests

AI-LFA (Autoimmune Lateral Flow Assay)

The AI-LFA dsDNA (Autoimmune-Lateral Flow Assay dsDNA) is a rapid assay for the qualitative determination of anti-dsDNA IgG autoantibodies in human serum or plasma. AI-LFA dsDNA enables the user to perform a specific autoimmune test very fast and reliable. 


AI-LFA Pr3 (Autoimmune Lateral Flow Assay) is a rapid assay for the qualitative determination of anti-Proteinase 3 (Pr3) IgG auto-antibodies in human serum or plasma. AI-LFA enables the user to perform a specific autoimmune test very fast and reliably.

AI-LFA MPO (Autoimmune Lateral Flow Assay) is a rapid assay for the qualitative deter¬mination of anti-Myeloperoxidase IgG auto-antibodies in human serum or plasma. AI-LFA enables the user to perform a specific autoimmune test very fast and reliably.

AI-LFA GBM (Autoimmune Lateral Flow Assay) is a rapid assay for the qualitative determination of anti-glomerular basement membrane IgG autoantibodies in human serum or plasma. AI-LFA enables the user to perform a specific autoimmune test very fast and reliably.

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Über uns


Since more than 30 years Dr. Fooke Laboratories are dedicated to developing, producing and distributing modern and innovative tests for in-vitro allergy and autoimmune diagnostics. Advanced in-vitro allergy and autoimmune test systems are the result of our developments leading to a product line that offers almost every user a custom tailored solution exactly matching his needs.

As a middle-sized company, we are still free to respond fast, flexibly and individually to our customers. We stay at their service, ready to answer any technical or theoretical question concerning immunology, allergy and autoimmune diagnosis and develop new concepts and solutions together with our customers. Because by giving this best imaginable service we also gain practical and precious inputs from our customers to stimulate our R & D work. Our customers are more to us than merely customers, and we want to be much more than just a supplier to them!

Our team of highly qualified professionals such as biologists, bioengineers and medical device consultants take care of the continuous advancement and optimization of our product range and are available for any questions.
Whether it concerns a product demonstration in a lab, practical or theoretical question, we are there for our customers.


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