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Produktkategorie: Einwegartikel für das Krankenhaus

drug dispenser

  • Dimensions M: 220 x 60 x 15 mm
  • Made of polypropylene
  • With clear sliding lid, made of certified PVC
  • With 4 compartments, securely dispenses medications (pills)
  • With Braille
  • Food contact approved
  • Commonly used in hospitals or in long term care homes, with all the pills a patient needs for each dose lumped into one sealed blister pack
  • Disposable product
  • Possibility to use acrylic dividers to divide each compartment
  • Possibility of print a trademark

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Über uns


Ma-com is a modern young company, situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling medical and non-medical range of plastic products. We are committed to day-to-day refinement of all segments of our business. The complete manufacturing process is treated according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. Traceability is established for all products: from granules to your warehouse and vice-versa. Our company is a proud owner of both certificates issued by DNV Norway. Also, in manufacturing we apply GMP postulate business for pharmaceuticals. We continue to invest in research and development and strive to offer something new, something better and something more secure to the market. Using the most modern technology of the 21st century, we design medical devices, products used in patient care systems and, by request, design or sample received from the customer, we can make models using the latest generation 3D printers. In the research segment we cooperate with experts, dental clinics, hospital departments and renowned laboratories. The conformity of production and its accordance to the standards are checked daily in our laboratory. If nonconformity is discovered during the production period, the production is stopped until the nonconformity is removed.

Our goal is to provide unique experience and quality for the customers around the world.

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