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  • 01.02  Kunststoffverarbeitung
  • 01.02.04  Kunststoffschweißen
  • 01  Auftragsfertigung: Komponenten
  • 01.06  Laserbearbeitung
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  • 04.03  Werkzeugmaschinen und Peripheriegeräte

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Kunststoffschweißen, Laserschweißen

1410 Laser Machine

The 1410 Laser Welding Machine is used to connect fine plastic tubing.
This machine is ideal for welding of balloon catheters. This connection technology allows short, soft and flexible welding-connections. The end result is precisely reproducible. 
The touch screen user interface enables process data and user management.

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Produktkategorie: Kunststoffschweißen, Laserschweißen

1530 Motion Laser Machine

The Motion Laser Welding Machine is used to connect fine plastic tubing. This machine is ideal for welding of balloon catheters.
This connection technology allows short, soft and flexible welding-connections. The end result is precisely reproducible.
In the machine 1530 the product is not rotated! The laser beam rotates around the components arranged on a mandrel.

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Produktkategorie: Katheter

1555 1-4 UP Balloon Forming Machine

The vertical 1555 Balloon Machine is designed for the production of a wide range of different high-quality plastic balloons and convinces with its small footprint for an optimal use of production floor space. The vertical layout is ideal for a primary-secondary concept, where up to three additional machines can be connected to gradually meet growing production demands.
The colored illumination shows the current process status of the machine for a user-friendly application. 

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Produktkategorie: Katheter

2550 1UP Balloon Forming Machine

The 2550 Balloon Forming Machine is designed for the production of a wide range of polymer balloons for angioplasty and other medical applications. The electrically heated stretch blow molding process enables the production of various very accurate and repeatable high-quality balloons with tight tolerances in an extensive variety of sizes and shapes.
The standard machine convinces with the modular options to adapt the machine to specific customer needs.

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Produktkategorie: Katheter

2430 Split Mold Balloon Forming Machine

The 2430 Balloon Forming Machine is designed to produce a variety of soft balloons. The electrical heated stretch, pump-blow molding process allows the production of different high-quality balloons for medical applications. The split allows the production of different balloons with complicated shapes. The machine is characterized by a short process time.

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Produktkategorie: Werkzeugmaschinen und Peripheriegeräte

2026 Burst Tester

The Burst Tester is a Hydraulic Burst Tester designed for customers in the field of development and production of angioplasty catheters. The control system gives the opportunity to choose different pressure cycles for products with specific requirements, and store these as a dataset. The machine delivers pressurized distilled water and can perform the following tests:
Burst Test: Pressure is built up continuously to the burst pressure.
Compliance Test: Pressure is built up in steps.
Multiple Inflation Test: A building up of the same pressure occurs repeatedly.

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Produktkategorie: Werkzeugmaschinen und Peripheriegeräte

1942 Leack Tester

This leak tester is used for the simultaneous final inspection of up to eight balloon catheters.

The product is subjected to a specific pressure or vacuum and held for a defined time. The corresponding LED flashes when the pressure drops below the specification.
The process parameters can be entered and managed via the user interface. The process data is displayed directly and can be visualized graphically in the test report. The process can consist of up to five parameter steps, which start automatically or manually.
The balloons can be deflated with a vacuum pump after the test.

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Produktkategorie: Werkzeugmaschinen und Peripheriegeräte

2269 Coating Machine

The Hydrophilic Coating Machine is used for coating of catheter production assemblies.
Up to 21 products are coated simultaneously by dipping and subsequent UV exposure in a controlled environment. A pneumatic system enables automatic switching between two rows of coating tubes (base coat and top coat). The machine is also equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor and two digital cameras to monitor the process.
This machine is equipped with a BW-TEC HMI, touch screen and PC for recipe management.

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21 Okt 2020

BW-TEC Balloon Configurator

BW-TEC AG produces a variety of high-quality balloon molds for a wide range of applications for the medical field. Our machine shop is equipped with modern equipment to meet the highest customer demands in terms of quality, design and manufacturing tolerance.
The BW-TEC Balloon Mold Configurator offers the possibility to define the desired balloon mold in a simple way. The verification of the dimensions by the configurator enables us to answer the inquiry quickly and reliably.
In addition to cylindrical molds for the classic PTCA / PTA application, we also manufacture a wide variety of shapes and geometries.
Benefit from our expertise and experience. 

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Über uns


Product and Service Category
BW-TEC AG offers a comprehensive and leading-edge line of equipment for balloon production, catheter manufacturing, coating and testing for the medical device industry. This includes machinery for balloon forming, welding, necking, cutting, coating, testing, mold production and more.

Commitment to Quality
All of our equipment has been designed based upon listening to customer feedback as well as our own extensive experience and expertise in the medical field.

Swiss quality is ensured through more than 20 years of engineering experience in the industry and by designing and manufacturing all equipment in Switzerland.

Custom development projects
BW-TEC AG is a trusted partner and an equipment manufacturer for the medical device industry and specialized in developing and building customized equipment for a wide range of applications. We support customers in design and product development during all phases of a project with foresight and efficiency.


Anzahl der Beschäftigten 20-49
Gründungsjahr 2000
  • Bauteile, Module, OEM - Erstausrüster
  • Katheter
  • Ausrüstung und Technologie für Labor und Produktion
  • Dienstleistungen