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Speed Care Mineral GmbH

Genzkower Str. 7, 17034 Neubrandenburg
Telefon +49 395 42392-0
Fax +49 395 42392-27

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  • 05  Bedarfsartikel und Verbrauchsartikel
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12 Nov 2021

SpeedM® is an innovative and fast acting hemostat, that stops bleeding in 2-3 minutes. Developed and made in Germany.

SpeedM® consists of a defined perforated cellulose nonwoven as a carrier material onto which ultrafine halloysites are applied. The mineral is processed in a special printing process in such a way that the blood flow within the overlay is controlled, but at the same time no mineral components can enter the patient's bloodstream from the carrier material. Due to its structure, the halloysite mineral compound has a very large reactive surface area. As a result, it supports the body's natural clotting reaction and can thus reliably stop even heavy bleeding in emergency situations in two to three minutes. SpeedM® is designed to hardly stick to the wound, thus supporting a less traumatic post-treatment of the patient. The product is very easy to use, as it is fully integrated into the surgical action sequences of emergency hemostasis. In its stable packaging, it is uncomplicated to transport and store, as it does not require refrigeration. It can be used immediately without preparation. SpeedM® is currently undergoing CE certification.

Speed Care Mineral is a high-tech company based in Neubrandenburg, Germany, with more than 15 years of research in mineralogy and hemostasis. The company uses its knowledge of ultrafine halloysites primarily in the field of hemostasis, but also offers valuable core technologies for other manufacturers in Life Science Business.

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Bleeding to death is the oldest forms of death and even in a time of modern medicine, people die this way every day in emergency rooms, combat zones and increasingly on the streets. 40% of trauma-related deaths are because of hemorrhaging in the pre-hospital period causing half a million people to die every year from traffic accidents, combat wounds and other severe trauma. 1, 2, 3 even 4 minutes are decisive save a life once bleeding starts.
In this countdown, we need a product that anyone can use to help stop a victim from bleeding immediately – our innovative technology for solutions for blood clotting applications was born, based on minerals like kaolin and HNT Halloysite Nano Tubes.


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Anzahl der Beschäftigten 1-19
Gründungsjahr 2017
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