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Universal medical commodities

General medical consumables play a crucial role in medical care. They include a wide range of products that are used in different areas of healthcare.

Technical textiles offer a variety of advantages in medical applications. They are dust-free, sterile and offer electrostatic protection, making them ideal for use in environments where hygiene and safety are top priorities. These textiles are used in both industrial and medical settings to protect employees and patients from contamination and injury.

In medical care, sterile textiles are crucial. For example, they are used for surgical gowns, sterile drapes and surgical drapes. Due to their sterility, they minimise the risk of infections during surgical procedures. In addition, they provide a barrier against microorganisms and protect both medical staff and patients.

High-quality surgical sutures are essential for successful wound healing and optimal patient care. These special sutures are designed to provide safe and reliable wound closure. They must be both biocompatible and absorbable so as not to interfere with the healing process.

Industrial protection applications are used, for example, in clean rooms and laboratories to protect employees from hazardous substances. Electrostatic protection minimises the risk of explosions and fires in environments where flammable substances are present.

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