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Alpha Zukunft GmbH

Hanferstr. 28, 79108 Freiburg im Breisgau
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Matt Irons

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Hall 13 / B18

15 Nov 2021



Stent Crimping, Balloon Folding, Band Swaging, Stent Loading, Radial Force Testing, Balloon Forming

Visit us to discuss the World's Leading Stent Crimper, Balloon Wrapper, Band Positioner, Band Swager, Stent Loader, Radial Force Tester, plus our brand new Balloon Former and parision former (tube stretcher)

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Our products

Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Stent Crimpers

Worlds Most Accurate Control of Diameter & Force

Stents, Stent Crimping, Stent Loading, Stent Attachment

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Balloon Forming Machine

Brand new Balloon Forming Machine (Balloon Blower, Balloon Blowing Machine) from Blockwise Engineering incorporates innovative heating technology, cycle times are about 1/4 that of current market leading machines. A balloon that requries 8 minutes to form on the competitor machine requires only 2 mintues using the Blockwise BFM! Visit us at our booth to discuss balloon forming. If you won't visit Compamed then let's schedule a balloon forming demonstration video call at your convenience.

Balloon Forming, Angioplasty Balloon, Stent Delivery Balloon, PTCA Balloon, Peripheral Balloon, Complex Balloons

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Balloon Wrapping (Folding) Machine

Blockwise Engineering manufactures the world's most accurate and dependable Balloon Wrapping Machines. Available in lengths up to 310mm and up to 12 wings!

Angioplasty Balloon, Stent Delivery Balloon, PTCA Balloon, Drug Coated Balloon, Peripheral Balloon

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Marker Band Swager

The industry’s most precise marker band swager. The Blockwise band swager’s geometry-controlled (not force-controlled) process accomplishes a precise swaged diameter. Automated product feeding into the die ensures band swaging diameters are highly repeatable. This machine is an ideal solution for production environments.

Radiopaque Marker Band, Electrode Band, Band Attachment, Band Positioning and Pre-crimping, Band Swaging

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Marker Band Positioner / Pre-crimper

The Blockwise PX2 Marker Band Loader is the world's first machine to fully automate loading of marker bands with consistent and reliable positioning and pre-crimping, in preparation for subsequent swaging.
During recipe operation, marker bands are loaded and indexed from an automated hopper, moved precisely into position, and pre-crimped onto the product. The PX2 operates in single product mode or with the optional Tray Loader for higher volume production.

The PX2 is designed to run a wide dimensional variety of products using a custom marker band module designed for your band dimensions to ensure reliable loading and pre-crimping.

Radiopaque Marker Band, Electrode Band, Band Attachment, Band Positioning and Pre-crimping, Band Swaging

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Tube Stretcher (Parison Former)

The Blockwise Model TSE “Tube Stretcher” Parison Forming Machine is designed to automatically stretch raw tubing extrusions into a parison for use in the balloon blow molding (balloon forming) process. Model TSE “Tube Stretcher” uses the newest Blockwise radial compression mechanism to heat the tubing prior to stretching for contact-based heating on tubing sizes up to 10 mm. The radial compression mechanism provides repeatable process control with shorter process times and sharper parison transitions when compared to noncontact parison forming machines. A touchscreen
HMI provides quick and easy control over the entire process. The Blockwise TSE may be used to prepare parisons for processing on other brands of balloon forming machines.

The cycle time to process a typical 20 mm long PTCA balloon parison is expected to be around 20 – 25 seconds, including loading and unloading the machine.

Parison Forming, Necking, Necker, Tube Stretching, Tube Stretcher, Balloon Tubing

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Stent Loading Machines

Blockwise’s innovative self-expanding stent loaders will help you process even the most difficult stents. Our stent loaders vary from highly automated machines to simple yet powerful manual mechanisms. A stent loading machine generally consists of a compression mechanism to reduce the diameter of the stent, and a gripper for holding the delivery catheter. It may also have a pushrod system, or a cooling system for keeping the compressed nitinol stent from expanding.

Self Expanding Stent, Stent Loader, Stent Loading, SES, Nitionol, NiTi

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Heart Valve Crimper

An injection-molded crimping tool sized for crimping of prosthetic aortic heart valves, but is suitable for many applications in medical device manufacturing, R&D labs, and catheter labs.
The RSS is useful for clamping and holding cylindrical objects with even pressure.  It is also suitable as a many-use or single-use disposable crimper in certain applications. Several customers are using it to load or crimp small stents made of Nitionol or Magnesium.

Model RSS crimping tools have 10 dies made from POM acetal copolymer blended with PTFE lubricant. This new and proprietary type of compression mechanism has exceptional mechanical advantage and relatively low internal friction, results in the strongest hand-actuated crimper available. This crimper is not available with an adjustable mechanical closed-stop, but may be ordered with a factory-installed fixed closed stop.

Large discounts are available on high-quantity orders.

Heart-Valve, Heart  Valve Crimper, Prosthetic Heart Valve, Heart Valve Frame, Stented Heart Valve, Mitral Valve, Aortic Valve

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Radial Force Tester

Blockwise offers complete radial force testing systems comprising a tensile testing machine and one or more low-friction radial compression stations, in various size ranges. Our radial force testing equipment is used and trusted at over 100 medical device companies, universities, and regulatory agencies. Our partner Zwick/Roell also offers complete systems based on Blockwise compression stations.

We also offer our radial compression stations as “fixtures” that you can attach to your tensile testing machine, such as Zwick, ADMET, Instron, Tinius-Olsen, MTS, etc.

Stent, Heart Valve, Peripheral, PTCA, PTA, Coronary, Stent Radial Force, Radial Force Test

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Tabata - PTFE Processing System

TABATA processing systems include blending, preforming, extrusion and oven systems for production of PTFE tubing and coated wire.

In addition, TABATA produces small injection molding machines, exhaust gas treatment devices, cleaning ovens and pelletizers.

TABATA customizes equipment to meet the needs of our customers, building on our years of experience.

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Hoop Medical Balloons

We specialise in the development and manufacture of advanced medical balloons for the global medical device industry.
Our team of engineers and technicians have 75+ years of combined experience, specifically in medical balloons.

Got a challenging balloon project? Get in touch and we’ll bring you to the forefront of balloon catheter technology globally.

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Microcatheter Components - Custom, Tight-Tolerance Microcatheter Extrusions

Microcatheter Components delivers world-class microcatheter extrusions. We listen to understand value from your perspective. Precision. Size. Properties. Service. Quality is our mantra, and we are ISO 13485:2016-certified for the medical device industry.

Balloon Tubing, Precision Tubing, Multi-layer Extrusion, Precision Extrusion, Thermoplastic Tubing Extrusion

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Zaxis Inc - Leak Testing Machines & Precision Metering Pumps

Leak Testers
  • Modular design for custom configurations
  • Multiple test types in a single tester
  • Intuitive interface; quick & easy test setup
Precision Metering Pumps
  • Eliminate costly inaccuracy & excessive maintenance of tubing & diaphragm pumps
  • Ceramic internals; millions of maintenance free cycles
  • Valve-less; syringe-like precision & drift free accuracy
  • Solutions for a variety of pump & dosing applications
Pressure Decay Leak Test, Vacuum Decay Leak Test, Multi-channel Leak Test

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Product category: Other manufacturing equipment

Apogy Medical - Regulatory Compliance & Validation Consultant

Apogy Medical is your full-service partner, with increasing complex regulatory landscape, medical devices companies (equipment, products…) are facing difficulties within a short time to be in conformity with the regulations. Our challenge is bringing innovation and feasible product to the market in lie with the altering customer needs while adhering to the rapidly changing regulatory requirements. Manufacturers need to address a wide range of factors that affect the quality performance and safety of medical device. But in order to get verified and validated, a particular device has to undergo a plethora of tests ranging (test method validation, calibration, packaging...) We support you to ensure that the testing and certification of your product are safe, secure, and compliant with relevant regulations in different jurisdictions.

Our core business is not only providing you support and reports, Apogy Medical’s intention of being labelled in metrology will guarantee the accuracy of your product performance, equipment qualification, and reduce cost.

Our experienced team can develop and manage the overall validation efforts according to ISO13485 system and MDR regulations, operating with a cross-disciplinary team of professionals:
·         How to meet technical specifications? What regulatory pathway should be taken?
·         validation master plan
·         design and process validation protocols
·         design/process/manufacturing procedure
·         molding/automate assembly/packaging validation (IQ/OQ/PQ)
·         quality assurance control
·         technical assistance
·         Manufacturing transfer and training
·         MDR related service
·         Conception…

Apogy Medical has the technical expertise knowledges using best technology adapted to manufacturing needs and operational experiences in medical devices companies. Within the core technology devices of PTCA and PTA from the early design and prototyping to regulatory support, we’re also at the leading edge of innovative devices.

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Company news



12 Oct 2021

Machines & Components for Medical Device Manufacturers - Partner Companies

We partner with several companies in various regions of the world. 
Microcatheter Components - Precision Balloon Tubing
Hoop Medical - Advanced Medical Balloons
Apogy Medical - Regulatory Compliance & Validation Consulting
Blockwise - Leading Edge Machines for Stent, Balloon, and Heart Valve Makers
Zaxis Inc. - Leak Testers & Precision Metering Pumps
Tabata - PTFE Processing Equipment
Medical Device Solutions - Our Partner in Japan
BeWise - Our Partner in China
ETECS - Our Partner in Korea

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About us

Company portrait

Alpha Zukunft GmbH provides Machines & Components for Medical Device Manufacturers throughout Europe & India. We are responsible for sales & technical support for: 

·  Blockwise Engineering - Leading Edges Machines for Stent, Balloon Catheter & Heart Valve Makers

·  Zaxis Inc - Leak Testers & Metering Pumps
·  Microcatheter Components - Precision Balloon Tubing

Applications: Balloon Forming Balloon Wrapping, Stent Crimping, Self-Expanding Stent Loading, Marker Band Positioning & Swaging, Radial Force Testing, Leak Testing, Heart Valve Fatigue Testing, Wire Fatigue Testing.

Machines & Components for Manufacturers of Balloons, Stents, SES, BES, Marker Bands, Heart Valves, Catheters & other medical devices. Sales & Technical Support for Blockwise Engineering, Zaxis & Microcatheter Components.

Company data

Area of business
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Tubings and tubing equipment
  • Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing